Commonly terms and language working on the job  



Agglomerated Stone � a manmade product composed of crushed stone combined with resin.

Anchor � A metal fastener used for securing dimension stone to a structure. Anchor types for stonework include those made of flat stock (strap, cramps, dovetails, dowel, strap and dowel, and two-way anchors) and round stock (rod cramp, rod anchor, eyebolt, and dowel, flat-hood wall tie and dowel, dowel and wore toggle bolts).

Apron � A trim piece under a projecting stone top, stool, etc.


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Base � The bottom course of a stone wall, or a vertical first member above grade of a finished floor.

Bevel � A sloped surface contiguous with a vertical or horizontal surface.

Brecciated Marble � Any marble composed of angular fragments.

Bullnose � Convex rounding of a stone member, such as a stair thread.

Butt Joint � An external corner formed by two stone panels with one head.


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Carve � To shape a solid material such as stone by precisely cutting it with a tool.

Caulking � Closing a joint by sealing with an elastic, adhesive compound.

Cladding � An exterior veneer stone covering.

Coping � A flat stone used as a cap on freestanding walls.

Cross-Cut � The process of cutting the initial block of stone parallel to the natural bedding plane. The effect is a mottled or cloudlike appearance.

Cultured Marble � An artificial, manmade product resembling marble.


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Dimension Stone � A natural building stone that has been cut and finished to specifications.

Dry Seam � An unhealed fracture in stone which may be plane of weakness.



Elevation � A drawing of the vertical faces and elements of a structure, either interior or exterior.



Fabricated � Used in reference to dimension stone, it means manufactured and ready for installation.

Fascia � Any relatively narrow, flat, horizontal structural element, such as the part covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves.

Finish � Final surface applied to the face of dimension stone during fabrication.


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Gang Saw � A mechanical device, also known as a �frame saw� used to cut tone blocks to slabs of predetermined thickness.

Grout � Mortar used to fill joints.



Honed Finish � A satin-smooth surface finish with little or no gloss, recommended for commercial floors.




Joint � A space between installed stone units or between a dimension stone and the adjoining material.



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Lamination � The gluing of two pieces of stone together to produce an edge that can be shaped to create an aesthetic appearance for countertops.



Moldings � Decorative stone deviating from a plane surface by projections, curved profiles, recessed or any combinations thereof.

Mosaic � A veneering that is generally irregular, with no definite pattern. Nearly all stone used in mosaic pattern is irregular in shape.



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Ogee � A stone molding with a reverse curved edge: concave above, convex below.

Onyx � A translucent, generally layered, cryptocrystalline calcite with colors in pastel shades, particularly yellow, tan and green.



Palletizing � A system of stacking stone on wooden pallets. Stone delivered palletized is easily moved and transported by modern handling equipment. It generally arrives at the job site in better condition then un-palletized material.

Paver � A single unit of fabricated stone for use as an exterior paving material.



Quarrier � Company or person that extracts natural stone from a quarry.


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Random Slab � A trimmed slab with a width and length that is not preset, but variable within certain limits.

Reveal � The exposed portion of a stone between its outer face and window or door set into an opening.

Rough Sawn � A surface finish resulting from the gang sawing process.



Sealing � 1. To make a veneer joint watertight with an elastic adhesive compound. 2. Application of a treatment to retard staining.

Serpentine � A hydrous magnesium silicate material; generally dark green in color with markings of white, light green, or black. Considered commercially as a marble because it can be polished.

Shop Drawings � A detailed fabrication and installation drawing showing dimensions and methods of anchorage.


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Template - A pattern for a repetitive marking or fabricating operation.

Textured Finish � A rough surface finish.

Thermal Finish � A surface treatment applied by intense heat flaming.

Threshold � A flat strip of stone projecting above the floor between the jambs of a door.

Travertine � A variety of limestone that is a precipitate from hot springs. Some varieties of travertine take a polish and are known commercially as marble.




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Water-Jet-Finish � A surface treatment performed by using water under extreme high pressure.